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Amazon Transparency: Counterfeit & Brand Protection

August 8, 2024 1:00 PM

We are pleased to invite you  to an exclusive virtual roundtable discussion on the transformative potential  of the Amazon Transparency software program for the external manufacturing  community. The Amazon Transparency software program offers unparalleled opportunities  for manufacturers to enhance product authenticity, protect intellectual  property, and build consumer trust.

Join Amazon Transparency's  Enterprise Sales Executive, Ben Erickson on August 8th, at 1 p.m. EST, as we  explore how this innovative solution can be leveraged to drive business  growth and operational excellence.

You won't want to miss this  event! 

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Strategic Collaboration Research

Strategic Collaboration Research – Session 1 of 2

June 4, 2024 11:00 AM

In this enlightening session, Michael Taylor, co-founder and head of research at SchellingPoint, delves into the fascinating world of group decision-making and collaborative action. Drawing from the largest research study of its kind, Taylor shares valuable insights that shed light on various contexts:

  1. Customer/Supplier Relationships: Discover what dynamics are at play within these critical business partnerships.
  2. Leadership Teams: How do effective leadership teams operate? Taylor’s research uncovers patterns in decision-making, communication, and team dynamics that can transform your leadership approach.
  3. Project Teams: Whether you’re managing a small project or a large-scale initiative, understanding collaborative dynamics is essential. Taylor’s insights provide actionable steps for project success.
  4. Innovation Groups: Innovation thrives in collaborative environments. Taylor explores how innovation groups can harness collective intelligence and drive breakthroughs.
  5. Joint Ventures: When organizations come together, collaboration becomes paramount. Taylor discusses the delicate balance of interests, trust-building, and shared goals.
  6. Government Policy Development: Policymaking involves multiple stakeholders. Taylor’s research sheds light on effective collaboration in shaping policies that impact society.

Join us for this eye-opening exploration of the Science of Collaboration

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Deploying Science of Collaboration Insights: The F4SS PACT Template

Strategic Collaboration Service – Session 2 of 2

June 18, 2024 11:00 AM

In this enlightening session, Michael Taylor, co-founder and head of research at SchellingPoint, unveils how groundbreaking insights from the Science of Collaboration are transforming group-based decision-making and collaborative action. These insights have been harnessed to create over 130 templates for common business topics.

Key Points:

1.   Science of Collaboration: Taylor will delve into the core principles behind effective collaboration. Learn how understanding group dynamics can drive better outcomes.

2.   130+ Templates: Discover how these insights have been translated into practical tools. Explore templates designed to enhance alignment, decision-making, and coordinated action across various business contexts.

3.   F4SS PACT Template: Michael will showcase the F4SS Partner Alignment and Collaboration Tool (PACT) template. Understand its structure, purpose, and real-world applications.

4.   Results: Get insights into the tangible results achieved through the use of the PACT template. From improved supplier relationships to streamlined project execution, Taylor will share success stories.

Join us to explore the intersection of science and business collaboration. Unlock actionable takeaways that can elevate your team’s performance!

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Michael Taylor is a co-founder and head of research for SchellingPoint, the foremost applied research organization in group decision-making and strategic collaboration. SchellingPoint’s research comprises over 500 groups across a uniquely diverse range of subjects in digital format, with over130,000 people and 9,000,000 data points. Michael has taught Managerial Decision-Making at Cornell College of Business for twelve years, plus MBA programs at Duke, Penn, Wharton, SMU, Warwick, and others.