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Seeking Employment Talent – Be an Employer of Choice

April 15, 2019
Seeking Employment Talent – Be an Employer of Choice

John Thomas, Professional Staffing Field Consultant at Express Employment Professionals recently spoke at the F4SS Connect 2019 in Ft. Lauderdale. I found his talk particularly enlightening when it comes to how we need to position ourselves as an “employer of choice” when hiring and recruiting talent. Let me share some highlights of his presentation that struck a cord with me in the ever-changing landscape of talent recruitment.

John pointed out that we have four generations in the current workforce, and it’s no surprise that millenials are the focus on recruitment. However, millenials are changing the rules on how we recruit.

When hiring, start with an attraction-based job posting. Over 60% of potential applicants are viewing a job post on a mobile device. Make sure the first line of the post is enticing; we need to break through the clutter to get their attention.

Candidates do their research on potential employers to make the determination if your organization is an employer of choice. They look to social media, but also to reviews on websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Potential employees are researching to ensure employers are a good fit for THEM. They’re investigating the corporate culture, work-life balance and career-advancement opportunities.

Today, as employers, we also need to be mindful of the experience we provide during the hiring process. If the process takes too long, we could lose our candidates. Millenials are impatient and do not expect to wait. Prepare to move fast during the hiring process.

If you use a third-party employment agency to assist in recruiting, John recommends using someone that knows your company and hiring goals. They’re the face of your company in the hiring process; make sure they’re educated and have the same goals in mind.

It’s amazing how the dynamics in the workforce have changed. It’s an employees’ market right now. To stay competitive, position your organization as an employer of choice.