Steve Weinstein, Johnson & Johnson, F4SS Chair
F4SS can provide many benefits, not only individually but also as a company. The networking opportunities are invaluable, as is knowledge that is shared across so many different people who are working in this group. Being able to convince and influence your senior leaders in your company to make changes they otherwise wouldn't have known or felt comfortable with is invaluable. You have the opportunity to learn that other companies have effective ways to promote trust, collaboration, cost-reduction, and innovation.

Tim Koers, The Visual Pak Companies
F4SS provides a unique opportunity for people to gather in an informal setting to roll up their sleeves and really get down to business in a personal fashion. It provides a lot of value and is a great opportunity to forge the customer/supplier bond while still having fun.

Mike Bartikoski, The Hershey Company
I'm very pleased with the F4SS conference. It's a great opportunity to make some good contacts in the industry.

Doug Sharfstein, The Strive Group/Menasha
I've been involved with F4SS since one of my clients, Unilever, asked me to attend the very first conference in San Diego. I've been very pleased to watch and participate as the Foundation has grown. I see many great benefits and collaboration between the suppliers that serve the same customers. It's been a great journey, and I'm excited to continue to participate.

Joe Coppotelli, Mondelez
F4SS is a great area to for us to share ideas, learn processes, and enhance our company's value.

Scott King, Faribault Foods
F4SS has helped us in many ways. I have several people from Faribault working on key initiative teams, and they're gaining knowledge; they're jump starting part of the company; they're driving savings out. They're also establishing procedures and policies that will help enhance our relationships with CPG companies. Lastly, F4SS membership benefits me because I get to meet many people, share stories and learnings, and gain valuable friendships.

Julie Christiansen, Apex International
The more you give to F4SS, the more you get out of it. The more you can participate in committees and events, the more you can take back to your company and make a difference in the industry. The actual hands-on attendance and participation is vital.

Al Rodrigues, General Mills
I've been a part of F4SS for a few years now and have worked on a few initiative teams. I've found the opportunity to be part of the F4SS organization extremely valuable. Specifically, to be able to benchmark with other companies and to be able to understand what other CPG marketing and contract manufacturing companies are doing in the marketplace today. I've had the opportunity to interact with many individuals, and that would not have been possible had I not been an F4SS member.

Geoff Campbell, Power Packaging
Our company became involved with F4SS based on the recommendation of a few branded customers we do business with. It's been a wonderful journey for us as a company. We had a lot of process driven items in place as an organization itself, but joining F4SS has really brought to the forefront the need for collaboration and trust and dealing with each other openly and honestly. I'm very proud to be a member, and I would invite you to give consideration to be a member. I would recommend prospective members to audit one of the conferences. I think you'll find it to be an outstanding experience for you and an opportunity for your organization to grow and develop.

Tim Goll, The Visual Pak Companies
I've been really impressed with the amount of collaboration, openness, and willingness to share ideas. I think the activities and initiatives surrounding F4SS will ultimately reduce costs, save time, and help all the companies grow collectively.

Nirav Mehta, Coty, Inc. (currently with Avon)
The F4SS conferences are very beneficial because they are a unique opportunity to meet with your peer group within the industry, to learn best practices from them, and understand how some things are implemented. I'm specifically looking for ideas on how to establish Strategic Relationships with our suppliers, and the sessions at the conference have been very helpful. I'm looking forward to continuing my membership with F4SS.

Erin Holzgen, Roskams Baking Company
Being a supplier, I've seen the balance of customer to supplier relationship tilt to an even balance during my 2-year F4SS membership. Currently, suppliers are coming into balance. The discussions that are taking place, the feedback that's surfacing, and the tools that we?re building are really starting to build that balance. From a supplier's standpoint, it's very comforting and rewarding, and I can only assume that customers are seeing that as well. It's a win-win when we get that two-way dialogue and results.

Chris Brett, Olam International
It's a pleasure to attend F4SS Conferences. For us, it's a great opportunity to see the collaboration between the suppliers and the customers. I head Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Olam, and it's a great opportunity to see how sustainability has a priority placement on the conference agenda.

Duncan Copeland, KDC
I have a simple philosophy in life: if you surround yourself with the right people, success and their destinations take care of themselves. I think the F4SS group provides a forum to allow that to happen. There's a lot of great people and decision-makers at the conferences. It's great for relationships and getting to know ech other beyond the boardroom, which is important in terms of building trust and collaboration.

Eddie Mendivil, Neways International
I'm an F4SS member and the co-chair for the QAI Team. I attend the F4SS Conferences to help F4SS share best practices, to improve reliability, and to reduce budget costs for fellow members.

Alan Davis, LiDestri Food and Beverage
The collaboration that happens within the Foundation seems to be taking costs out of the supply chain. I'll continue to attend the conferences, and I'll encourage my colleagues to attend as well so our company can gain additional benefits from F4SS.

Greg Hooks, Roskam Baking Company (now retired)
I've been involved with F4SS for 2 + years, and I'm very impressed as a supplier how much smarter we've been able to make the customers. It's a great organization.

Bill Ahlborn, Kleen Test, F4SS Vice Chair
F4SS conference attendees become involved; it makes our company better and also makes our industry better.