PACT - Partner Alignment Tool

What is PACT?

PACT (the Partnership Alignment & Collaboration Tool) is a proprietary tool developed by SchellingPoint, the leaders in Alignment Optimization, exclusively for F4SSmembers. PACT uses breakthrough alignment visualization and analytics software to translate customer & supplier opinions on the state of their relationship into an objective, data-driven, assessment of what’s working and what needs attention.

Why Should I Use PACT?

Simply put, people cannot measure alignment. We can sense it, guess at it, know parts of it, but research has shown that our judgments of alignment are logical, but inaccurate and incomplete. The consequence is that we miss places where action is required, and take action that seemed rational but was flawed. 

What Results Does PACT Produce That I Can’t Get Without it?

Whether it’s 6 people or 60, for 30 minutes of people’s time, PACT’s alignment analytics provide you with a view across the customer/supplier stakeholder landscape no person or group can assemble themselves. This enables customers and suppliers to identify unknown alignment they can leverage, and unseen misalignment they need to resolve. 

When Do I Use PACT?

Once a new customer/supplier is up and running, F4SS members are using PACT once to twice per year to power their relationship and contract reviews. PACT is also used when traditional techniques to re-align a relationship have not been fully successful. You can use PACT with just your team, with one business partner, or several at once if in a collaboration.

How Does it Work?

PACT uses a 2-step, 30-minute, online ‘virtual dialogue’ across the key stakeholders. Each participant receives a personalized alignment report. Relationship leaders receive a customized relationship alignment assessment workbook, supplemented by rich online analytics, and a one-hour teleconference review. All data and analytics are under non-disclosure between you and SchellingPoint.


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“Several uses of PACT with different suppliers helped us identify where our actions were helping and hindering alignment with our suppliers – insights only PACT could reveal to us."
VP Procurement

“PACT has enabled me to conduct supplier reviews that quickly get both of us to meaningful conversation about important things. PACT has allowed me to get more aligned internally as well as with my suppliers.”
Senior Category Manager

“PACT allowed me to have an important conversation with a customer that I don’t think would have happened otherwise. It’s enabled both of us to take a successful relationship to the next level.”
VP, Business Development
Supplier-side F4SS Member

PACT is $900 per tool/analysis for F4SS Members; $1,800 per tool/analysis for non-members.  
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