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Get the Results You Need From Your Customer/Supplier Relationships

Introducing PACT (Partnership Alliance and Collaboration Tool)

What is PACT?
PACT (Partnership Alignment & Collaboration Tool) is a proprietary tool available to exclusively to F4SS members to help manage their customer/supplier relationships by improving trust and collaboration – one of the key barriers cited by F4SS members to moving the industry forward.

Why does my company need PACT?
There is a proven NEED in the industry!  Based on our September 2011 conference survey, 78% of members do not have a relationship management tool or are not using their current tool effectively.

Why is PACT the right tool?
PACT is Accurate - the analytics are world-class and statistically validated.  It turns information about opinions and behaviors into objective data to drive strategic relationship development.  Divergence ensures that answers are well thought-out.

PACT is Actionable – the diagnostic tools give both a written and visual “road map” of where the relationship needs work and suggested next steps.

PACT is Easy & Fast - very little time & effort are required to set-up and conduct the survey. It is web-based for greater efficiency and the ability to store previous surveys and compare progress over time.

How much does PACT cost?
  • PACT has been developed and priced to encourage maximum usage by F4SS members.
  • The majority of our members said they would be willing to pay for a relationship guidance tool
  • 83% said they would use the tool on more than one relationship


Price Per Survey
Surveys Purchased Total Cost
$700 4+ $2,800
$800 2 $1,600
$900 1 $900


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