Membership Dues

Any organization in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry which markets CPG products, is a contract manufacturer or a secondary packager of products, or is a solutions provider to the industry may become a member. Memberships in F4SS are corporate. A corporate member may designate as many individuals as desired to participate in F4SS activities.

Our membership structure is segmented by size. While we believe the most equitable distribution would be determined by the level of outsourcing, such information is not publicly available. Until such a time that it is, segmentation will be by annual sales, in dollars, for the fiscal year ended immediately preceding the calendar year. This way, membership dues can be roughly proportional to the expected benefit to be derived. Please find the annual dues structure detailed below:

Annual Sales
F4SS Dues
Cash/Check Discount
> $5 Bilion
$12,700 USD
$12,000 USD
$1-5 Billion
$11,100 USD
$10,500 USD
$500 M - $1 Billion
$9,500 USD
$9,000 USD
$100-500 Million
$7,900 USD
$7,500 USD
$50-100 Million *
$6,300 USD
$6,000 USD
$25-50 Million*
$5,250 USD
$5,000 USD
$10-25 Million *
$4,200 USD
$4,000 USD
< $10 Million*
$3,150 USD
$3,000 USD
Dues Reduction Program
Member Referrals - Any regular corporate or advisor member who brings a new member to F4SS will be credited $300 toward conference fees for the conference immediately following member initiation for each new member. For Directors, $300 toward conference fees will be applied for every 3 new members brought to F4SS. The counter is reset with each conference.
All information shared with F4SS is confidential.
*Audited financials required
If you are interested in getting more information on the benefits of F4SS membership, Contact Us.