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Immediate Benefits of F4SS Membership:
REDUCED COSTS - Through collaboration and implementation of standard processes.
BENCHMARKING - Compare your organization to others in the industry.
NETWORKING - Access to key industry leaders. F4SS has the highest concentration of executive participation and event attendance within the industry.
ACCESS TO BEST PRACTICES – Exclusive access to proprietary tools and processes via the member area of our website.
BROADENING OPPORTUNITY – Exposure to functional experts among leading CPG customers and suppliers via initiative team participation.
KNOWLEDGE - Learn from thought leaders in the industry.
RELEVANCE - Initiatives and conferences focus on critical industry issues.
INNOVATION - Gain new product and process ideas via organization interaction that can result in faster speed to market and increased productivity.
LEADERSHIP - Help to establish industry standard business processes.
F4SS CONFERENCES - F4SS hosts two major industry-specific conferences each year. As a member, you are eligible for the discounted F4SS Member rate (50% off).
SUPPLIER CAPABILITY DIRECTORY – Unique directory to find most `capable suppliers or source new business.

Additional Benefits:
  • Smarter Suppliers
  • Higher Standards
  • More Choices
  • Simpler is Better – Adopting Standard Best Practices