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Our members tell us, “You get out what you put in.” Others have told us that the value they reap from their membership offsets their dues many times over.

Time Investment (If Member joins F4SS Initiative Team):
  • Semi-annual Conferences (2 to 3 days)
  • Initiative team conference calls (average an hour monthly for participants)
  • Initiative team meetings semi-annually (average 2 days)

Financial Investment:
Annual dues (based on the schedule). Funds are used to support the following activities:
  • Organization infrastructure including the staff and materials
  • Anti-trust and legal fees
  • Annual event organization & coordination
  • Coordination of Initiative Teams
  • Initiative Team semi-annual meetings
  • Research studies
  • Website
  • Member companies assign subject matter experts to support those Initiative Teams of interest to the member

  1. Increased efficiency from streamlined practices with your customers/suppliers.
  2. Input to business & operating processes in standardization efforts.
  3. Exposure to industry benchmarking, best practices, & business changes.
  4. Develop business network with key CPG branded marketers & suppliers to develop an "open-source" approach within the industry.
  5. Contribute to the formation of the recommended industry platform for the future.
  6. Early adopter benefits from employing best practices as well as newly established/emerging standards.
  7. Exposure to educational events to keep current on industry issues and expand organizational competencies.
  8. Exposure to CPG industry leading customers and suppliers.