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Who is on the F4SS Board of Directors?
The F4SS Board of Directors is comprised of key executives from the following companies:

     C-Care Company

    Johnson & Johnson
     General Mills
     Kleen Test Products
     The Hershey Company
     Kellogg Company
     Rock-Tenn Company
     Hearthside Foods

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What are the dues for F4SS membership?
Click here to see the full F4SS dues structure.

How many events does F4SS host each year?
F4SS hosts 2 major industry-specific events each year.  The events feature well-respected speakers from the CM&P and parallel industries and provide ample opportunities for networking and benchmarking with fellow F4SS members and industry executives.  The event venues vary based upon conference theme but are always located in a major metropolitan location at a conference center.  The fall event, in addition to general programming, also serves as the annual Continuous Improvement Conference featuring a variety of CI training sessions.

Previous F4SS events have been held in San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Tucson, and San Francisco.  To view details on our next conference please click here.

How many members does F4SS have?
F4SS currently has nearly 60 members, consisting of a mix of branded marketers (customers), suppliers, and advisory members within the CPG industry.

What are F4SS’ initiative Teams?
Each of our initiative teams has a mission of creating new standards or business processes based on current industry best practices. Click here to view our current initiative teams.

I’m a current F4SS member, and would like to register for the Member Area of the website.  How do I get access?
Please contact us to gain access to the Member Area. You can always email us at websupport@f4ss.org if you have any issues/questions.

I would like more information on F4SS; can you send me some materials?
Of course, please use our contact form or you can email us at info@f4ss.org / call our office at 201-677-1254.

What are the benefits of joining F4SS?
There are many benefits to joining F4SS; they include the following:
  • REDUCED COSTS - Through collaboration and implementation of standard processes.
  • KNOWLEDGE - Learn from thought leaders in the industry.
  • RELEVANCE - Initiatives and conferences focus on critical industry issues.
  • BENCHMARKING - Compare your organization to others in the industry.
  • INNOVATION - Gain new product and process ideas via organization interaction.
  • NETWORKING - Access to key industry players.
  • SUPPLIER CAPABILITY DIRECTORY - If you are a customer, source capabilities you need from more qualified suppliers. If you are a supplier, leverage an additional tool to reach your target customer base.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Provide broadening experiences via initiative teams.
  • LEADERSHIP - Help to establish industry standard.