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The Beginning
F4SS was conceptualized in 2006 by visionary executives Brian Slobodow of Johnson & Johnson (currently with US Silica) and Russ Stewart of P&G (currently with Mars).  They consulted with other industry consultants Sean Monahan of A.T. Kearney and Lora Cecere of AMR Research (currently founder of Supply Chain Insights). It was determined that there was an unmet market need which F4SS would meet.  They believed the Contract Manufacturing & Packaging (CM&P) industry would greatly benefit from its formation.

October 2006
F4SS had its first Founders Meeting expanding participation to include Brian Stofflet of Unilever and Pat Ozimek of Campbell’s Soup Company (now retired).  The meeting was facilitated by Rich Harriman of Synectics.  It was at this meeting that F4SS’ original Vision and Mission were drafted.  These were in effect for F4SS’ first five years.

February 2007
The Charter Meeting was held, hosted by the University of San Diego Supply Chain Management Institute.  Attendees included executives from Crescent, The Hershey Company, KIK, Kraft, Marietta, Power Packaging, and The Strive Group.  The group approved the Vision and Mission statement and agreed upon next steps which included the formation of F4SS’ first two initiative teams:  CSOP (Customer Supplier Operations Planning) and QAI (Quality Assurance).

June 2007
F4SS was incorporated in the state of New Jersey.

F4SS is thriving and making great strides towards fulfilling the Vision and Mission created back in 2006.  Today, F4SS has over 60 members, consisting of a mix of branded marketers (customers), suppliers, and advisory members.