F4SS 10 Year Anniversary

A decade ago, two visionaries conceptualized the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing and began the journey of turning a vision into a reality. F4SS was created to fill a gap by serving the needs of the Contract Manufacturing & Packaging profession. In 2017, we celebrate 10 years of F4SS' work in striving to offer our members: Trust, Collaboration, Inclusion, Continuous Improvement, and Openness. 

F4SS is honored to work alongside a remarkable group of individuals who continue to support its mission and vision! 

A Message from Our Executive Director

"It's amazing how far we've come in the last 10 years!"  A sentiment I hear echo'd by those who have watched F4SS grow and flourish over the years.  This is a tribute to our members who have generously and enthusiastically contributed to F4SS initiatives which have delivered capability growth and efficiency gains to the external manufacturing and packaging industry.  Here's to 10 more years!  Imagine where we will be then!

Lisa Shambro, Executive Director and Founding Board Member

Reflections from Our Founding Board Members
Patrick Ozimek, Founding Board Member
Principal, J.P. Ozimeck & Associates LLC (Formerly of Campbell Soup Company) 

"The need for an organization like F4SS was really clear ten years ago, and it remains true today: As an industry, 3rd party manufacturing continues to grow as brand holders assess their core competencies and better understand the risks in capital investment. But the amount of unnecessary waste and redundancy inherent in the industry continues to be a burden to all. Through trust and collaboration between service providers and users the industry can reduce this waste, creating an economic climate that opens more opportunities for everyone, encouraging innovation, development, and growth. As F4SS continues to grow in size and influence, the overall health of the industry and efficient use of manufacturing resources will continue to improve."

Russ Stewart, Founding Board Member
Vice President Commercial, Mars (Formerly of P&G)

“The inspiration for F4SS was driven from a passion to unlock game changing opportunities in the industry that would enable companies, associates, and their communities to thrive vs. just survive."