Continuous Improvement Network

F4SS Continuous Improvement Network

The CI Network is actively seeking members to accomplish its mission!  Take action and join the CI Network today and make a difference.

The CI Network was formed:

To establish a world-class Supplier and Customer development and networking program by providing a forum for benchmarking, technical and non-technical training, and leadership development, utilizing Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing as a platform.

Benefits of Joining:
  • Cost savings and increased productivity
  • Cost effective training with higher relevancy from actual practitioners
  • System efficiency improvements (OEE)
  • Waste elimination
  • Organizational development
  • Exposure to training, tools, and best practices utilized by Customers and Suppliers
  • Learn how CI yields improvements in all functional areas
  • Develop a high level of trust and collaboration between Suppliers and Customers through both the development of capabilities and driving alignment with established Continuous Improvement efforts
Plus many, many more!
Who Should Join:

Colleagues who are directly or indirectly involved in implementing Continuous Improvement/Lean in their facilities.  These may be Managers, Production Supervisors, Mechanics, and/or Operators depending upon organizational size.

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Participation and Requirements to Join the CI Network:

CI Network is open to any current F4SS Member.
  1. Annual Conference (1.5 day event):- At regional conference center
    • Basis of CI understanding
    • Speakers/Trainers
      • Building blocks of CI/Lean
      • How does one begin/continue the journey of CI
    • Feedback, strategy and plans for ongoing CI forum
  2. Semi-Annual Workshops (1.5 day event):
    • Hosted by Members
    • Tour of facility and presentation from host company
    • Presentations from attendees
    • Shared BDPs (Best Developed Practices)
    • Networking dinner
    • Workshop – CI training/exercise utilizing tools shared/learned


  1. Host or present at one of the semi-annual workshops, each year.
  2. Provide a BDP relevant to workshop topic prior to attendance.
  3. Confidentially respond to an annual survey regarding waste elimination and other CI activities.
All information will be reported in confidence; individual company data will not be shared.

CI Network Fees:         

In response to Member feedback, CI Membership is now “Pay as You Go"; $500 per person, per event for the annual F4SS CI Network Workshops. 
  • Includes all meals
  • All transfers from hotel to host facilities
  • CI Network fees are in addition to F4SS dues

Auditing an Event:

Non-F4SS Members are welcome to audit a CI Workshop for $1,500 per person.*

* Non-F4SS Members that choose to join both F4SS and the CI Network within the designated time specified may deduct the auditing fees from the CI Network fees.  Any auditing fees from additional non-F4SS Member attendees of the auditing company will be deducted from the F4SS Annual Dues.

Your CI Network membership value:
At least $5,000
An excellent return on your investment

Click here to download a printable copy of our CI Network flyer to pass along to colleagues and other interested parties.
Click here to view video testimonials from CI Network Members.